Helping to open up

On behalf of the Research Information and Digital Literacies Coalition (RIDLs), RIN has published the conclusions of a study that examines the means that are, or ought to be, deployed to help researchers acquire the knowledge, confidence and ability for them to ensure the greatest possible openness with the research data that they create. The report, entitled Helping to open up: improving knowledge, capability and confidence in making research data more open’, supports the goal of realising an open data culture, as described notably in the Royal Society’s 2012 report on Science as an open enterprise.

Helping to open up stresses the importance of ensuring that open data – with all the opportunities, risks, benefits and practices that it entails – should be more strongly integrated with training and support for research data management.

Open data in the realm of academic research is an issue which has received much attention lately, but the implications for training and skills have not always been fully considered. It is therefore hoped that this report will provide a timely opportunity to reflect on how researchers might be better equipped to face the challenges represented by an increased emphasis on openness.

For more information and a copy of the report, click here.

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