Data Management Skills Support Initiative – Assessment, Benchmarking and Classification (DaMSSI-ABC)

RIN is collaborating with the Digital Curation Centre, Vitae, MIMAS and Jorum in this JISC-funded initiative, aimed at adding value to the latest batch of four projects supported through JISC’s Research Data Management Training Programme. DaMSSI-ABC provides these projects with a support and coordination framework; helps them to engage with key players in the broader realm of researchers’ professional development; and provide them with further opportunities to develop their interest and know-how in data management knowledge and skills. DaMSSI-ABC builds on and amplifies the outputs from the first phase of DaMSSI, which ran during 2010-11, notably by helping the four latest projects to:

  • work with relevant professional bodies / learned societies and funders, to endorse and promote good data management practice;
  • classify course offerings, by ensuring that the anticipated outcomes of training interventions are clearly set out to allow participants to select the training that best meets their learning objectives;
  • identify and agree benchmarks on learning outcomes on learning outcomes and means of assessment so that courses from a range of training providers can be effectively compared.

DaMSSI-ABC runs from August 2012 to July 2013. For updates on progress during that period, please consult the initiative’s blog.

23 August 2012