Poster at LILAC2012

The Librarians’ Information Literacy Conference (LILAC2012), held on 11-13 April 2012 at the magnificent Saltire Centre, Glasgow Caledonian University, was an opportunity to show off emerging ideas on the proposed M&E toolkit for IL training interventions in Africa. A poster, drawn up by the British Library for Development Studies in association with the Research Information Network and Loughborough University, was presented at the conference, and is attached here. This describes, in an attractive and graphical way, the principles and dynamics that would underpin the toolkit, and reflects the discussions that took place at the preparatory workshop in Centurion, South Africa, on 15-16-17 February.

Left to right: Stéphane Goldstein (RIN), Siobhán Duvigneau (IDS/BLDS), Jabulani Sithole (University of Botswana) and Emma Greengrass (IDS/BLDS) in front of the poster at LILAC2012


The toolkit is currently being formulated, in consultation with the informal network that emerged from the Centurion workshop. One of the suggestions at that event was that posters such as these could be adapted and reproduced for other conferences and fora, not least in Africa – so any thoughts about its content, usefulness and presentation would be welcome. This is very much work in progress, and the shape of any poster would have to evolve in the light of the development of the toolkit itself. Importantly, the nature of such material should reflect the views and concerns of the communities that will be using and helping to develop the toolkit; please let us know what you think: contact Stéphane Goldstein at RIN or Siobhán Duvigneau at BLDS.

LILAC poster A4 size high quality