Strand 6: international engagement

The challenges in developing information skills and competences are not confined to the UK, and there are no doubt lessons to be learned from experience overseas. RIDLs has made a sustained effort during the term of its programme to establish viable international links.

Practically, some of this has been achieved through the involvement of several RIDLs members in a bid for European Framework 7 programme funding, in response to a European Commission call, in mid-2012, aimed at developing the training infrastructure to encourage the further take-up of open access publishing. The proposal, led by the Italian National Research Council (CNR), submitted in January 2013, was unfortunately unsuccessful, but provided an opportunity for interaction with players from a range of European countries.

RIDLs has also set out a database (attached below) of potentially useful international contacts and initiatives. This could serve as a basis for the longer-term goalĀ  of setting up an informal networl of players in a range of countries outside the UK, with a capacity, for instance, for jointly formulating ideas or exploiting international funding opportunities.

RIDLs international contacts

1 July 2013