Research Environment Study

The International Network for the Availability of Scientific Information (INASP) has published a report, written by the Research Information Network and based on desk research, which explores and provides insights and understanding into the policy and financial commitments within the research sectors of selected countries with which INASP works. Four countries were selected from INASP partner countries within the Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERii): Kenya, Malawi, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Each of these country level reports presents information on key issues including:

  • the size and make up of the research sector
  • research productivity over the last 10 years and how this productivity may have changed
  • the national level bodies that support, promote and evaluate research at national levels
  • the key policies in the last 10 years that relate to strengthening research
  • the financial or budgetary support that can be identified as being allocated to support research
  • the general status of research as judged by key productivity indicators, reports, stakeholders
  • policy and budgetary developments under development that may be relevant to strengthening the research sectors

Separate reports have been produced for each of the four countries, using a common template, though the scope, quality and amount of information that could be gathered differed significantly for each country. The four country level reports are presented here as a single document – see attachment below.

The report has also been published on the INASP website.

Research Environment Study